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We told you that Scentsy Fragrance is an international leader, now let us show you why; the following information will discuss what goes into a fragrance, and then how a fragrance structure takes shape resulting in those fantastic Scentsy Scents we love & enjoy so much.

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Getting to know Scentsy Fragrances a little better.
If you want to ENERGIZE your life, look for fragrances with these elements: grapefruit, orange blossoms, lemon, or lime.
If you want to RELAX, look for fragrances with these elements: lavender, vanilla, jasmine, frankincense, or sandalwood.
If you want to add a little ROMANCE, look for fragrances with these elements: soft floral scent such as gardenia, violet, or rose.
If you want to SPICE things up a little, look for fragrances with these elements: musk, jasmine, amber, chocolate, tuberose, or clove.

The Soul of a Fragrance

Scentsy Fragrance

At Scentsy, fragrance is our passion. We understand how scents have the ability to enliven the senses. The creation of each fragrance is part art and part science — it’s the translation of emotions and memories into ingredients.

Scentsy starts with fragrance oils

Scentsy Fragrance

Each Scentsy fragrance might be composed of several types of oils. The materials we use in our fragrances exceed current U.S. safety standards, and our fragrance houses adhere strictly to safety consumer and environmental guidelines.

  • Essential oils, which are natural oils extracted from plants and flowers.
  • Absolute oils, which are highly aromatic, concentrated, oily mixtures extracted from plants.
  • Synthetic oils, which are man-made scents that duplicate a particular fragrance.

There are 2,000 to 5,000 different ingredients that perfumers use to create fragrance formulas—Scentsy Scents are created by some of the most highly skilled creators. So remember when you open up that next Scentsy Bar to warm, a lot of skill and talent takes place to create that special fragrance for all of us to enjoy.

Assembling Scentsy Scents

Every time a scent comes together, it consists of three levels: top notes, mid notes and base notes. Together, these levels form a fragrance scent pyramid—a compilation of ingredients specific to that scent.

Scentsy Fragrance

fragrance pyramid structure

Scentsy Fragrance

Top Notes

Top notes give a fragrance its initial impact. When you open a Scentsy Bar, the first thing you smell is the fragrance’s top notes. These scents are fresher and lighter than mid or base notes.

Mid Notes

Mid notes are the heart of a fragrance. These notes really define the character, or body, of a fragrance.

Base Notes

Base notes create longevity. They are heavier, sweeter, and more long-lasting than mid or top notes.

Scentsy Fragrance
Scentsy Fragrance
Scentsy Fragrance

Dominant Characteristics

Scentsy Fragrance

The Landscapes of Fragrance

There are nine distinct fragrance families within the scent pyramid.
The fragrance families within the top notes are: citrus, green and ozonic.
The fragrance families within the mid notes are: floral, fruit and spice.
The fragrance families within the base notes are: gourmand, musk and woody. All fragrances can be categorized by their dominant characteristics within a family.
Here’s a little extra Scentsy Scents information: for example, Luna from Scentsy’s Favorites falls in the floral fragrance family because of its dominant jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia notes. Fragrance designers may assign two or three categories to a fragrance — a primary and complementary category or categories. Luna is primarily floral, but with secondary woody notes.

Scentsy Scents as a solid vs. warmed

As the wax bar slowly warms, different scent notes take hold and release a different landscape of that same scent. It is not surprising to find favorites by simply warming vs. sampling the solid wax bar. My best advice would be if you find a Scentsy fragrance scent, and your about 75% convinced just warm it — the odds are you will probably enjoy it even more.